Why does Facebook keep our deleted contents?


This question goes for ‘The Facebook Team’. I recently experienced this problem in my facebook profile. I am maintaining my facebook profile since two years. Facebook is a best social networking website and a best medium to be in touch with your family, friends and to share your photos, videos, links, notes, views and everything. I often refresh my facebook home page just to get updates from my friends. Few days back I deactivated my facebook profile due to some reason. After some days I reactivated it. Then I noticed that some of my important data like my notes, pages, comments, groups, etc were missing. There was no any group that I joined and created before under my profile. More than 100 fan pages were missing. I was maintaining about 15 fan pages and some of them had good number of fans. I realized that I made a mistake by deactivating my facebook profile. Actually I was not planning to reactivate it again. Later I decided to delete all of my contents of facebook profile and did it immediately. I was happy that there was no any contents linked to my profile. But later I noticed that facebook just makes that content invisible from you and your friends. Actually they don’t delete them permanently from their server. I think this is not fair and good. What I want to say is facebook must remove user’s contents permanently from their server also if a user doesn’t want to keep or delete those contents from their profile.

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