It’s December 13th!


This post was posted in my old blog on Saturday, December 13th, 2008.

Just watched Indian Idol 4 in Sony Television. One of my favourite contestant Tullika Ganguly was eliminated despite giving her best performance. Well, Indian Idol 4 will be keep going with remaining twelve contestants. Let me stop this issue here. Now guess what’s today? I know it’s hard for you to guess. Today is the day when I arrived in this earth as my first child of my dad and mom. Now you got it. I was supposed to write this post yesterday as I got lots of wishes from my friends in advance. I think they know my busy Saturday schedule. But yesterday also I was busy in my works and some other stuffs so got time now to post this short post.

I thank you mom and dad. You gave me the life in the beginning, cared me when I was baby, advised me when I was growing and gave me a wonderful brother to be my friend. You have brought up my every needs. You all loved me always with unconditional love. I will never forget all this love and care I had. I have this amazing gift that I shall always return to people I love. Thank you Lord for giving me my family. Thank you all who wished for my best on my birthday and my special thanks to you for your early wish today! Love you all.

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