What’s new in this new year?


Daily 16 hours of load shedding! hehe… Actually I planned to write this post before two weeks and fortunately I was able to use my computer and net in my room just now. Well, with every coming year all of us make a new year resolution. I know you also have a lot for this year. Similarly, me too have some. Not actually some but have little more as I have more dreams for 2009 and I am optimistic about this.  I got chance to experience a lot in 2008. Some of them were very fruitful for me and some were less. Most of them became very important for me and for my upcoming life. Some kind of frustrations, few illusions and problems were also experienced. But Almighty God was there always to help and encourage me in every moment of my daily life, in my works and everything. He gifted me some such persons and wonderful friends who became a component of my life to make my life wonderful. In short I can say that 2008 was memorable with lots of challenges in my life.

Many of our plans may not be completed in our expected time. That’s another case. This is not important that we must be successful in all of our plans. And it also doesn’t mean that we can’t be productive in our plans. Anyway I have to do a lot in this year. I am not going to write about my plans here today. Let me write about something else. I am very hopeful that our country will be healed. I can still see a star of hope shining for our country. There will be definitely something new this year. I believe that every new year can play important role in our lives and in our country. We should think about the matters that we have not been able to do for a long time. Everyone should add freshness to their attitude so that we can achieve impossibles in this year. Let’s plan and join hand together to make the best use of the coming year for our country, for people and for everyone and let’s change every impossible to possible.

At last I must say sorry to everyone who visited my blog to get other useful stuffs. I will continue posting other useful materials for you all. Keep on visiting!

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