Why don’t I want to… ?


No…  I can’t be selfish. My heart tells me gently that I never should be selfish. But why am I feeling that I am thinking for myself only these days? I recall those days when we used to talk without any reason and without any meaningful gossips. We were together for a reason and we made golden memories together. But now why don’t I want to speak to you? Why I feel that you don’t want to listen me? Why this distance between us? Should I forget all the things? Ah, lots of questions. I can’t be selfish as I know that only selfish person leave the things they care. That’s why my heart tells me this always and I want you to be happy always and I wish to be with you forever. People may leave you as they think only for themselves. World’s view of successful life is very different. They measure their success by bigger title, more money, better parking area, great stature, etc. This forces people to be selfish and leave you. But I won’t leave you lonely, I will be there always to wipe your tears away. Because I love you so much and I want you with all of my heart. I love my country!

Posted on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 in Weblog.com.np.

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