Is it hard to be honest?


A childish question again! But think seriously and sincerely. It is really hard to be honest and sometimes it hurts a lot. Everybody wishes to be nice. But sometimes situation may come that we can’t be honest and nice at the same time. We want to be nice always in any charge. That’s a reason why we can’t be honest every time. I don’t believe that all truths are malicious but I know some are cruel. I guess that’s why we pretend to be good without revealing the truth.

Sometime we try not to be truthful thinking good for other. We pretend to be guilty to please or entertain others and I think this is wrong. I have always tried to be completely honest. Many times I have felt that my integrity screwed up everything. Seriously, honesty is a good quality that should be in every human being. But some truth hurts so much as mirror never lies. Honesty may harm things you love and want. It hurts more deeply in relationships. In this case only truth may be the cleanest and surest path to the solutions.

It may be difficult to maintain honesty in our life but our honesty protects us always. Honesty is giving your word and keeping it and one day it will be rewarded. Always give your best and the best will come back to you.

Posted in my old blog on Thursday, December 4th, 2008

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    very correct!

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