Time can go back!


I have always one question storming in my mind! Not actually one, there are so many but this one is different. It’s about managing time. Yes, we all wish to have more time, but each of us is given out same 24 hrs each day. What I think is we have enough time in our hand to do important things. If we use our time wisely then we’ll have more things done in time and we can enjoy that time as well. I know that we all have too much to do in our life. But we don’t think about time and we tend to do everything in our life.

I used to suggest my friends to prioritize their most important things higher and not to do less important things. It’s true that sometime I am also unable to prioritize my works according to their importance. That’s why I failed to meet my deadline at my workplace, it’s my recent experience. I allocated more time for least important things so that I was unable to complete my project in time. One thing is clear that there is no any way back machine to take us back to history. Time never goes back and it is like a flowing river which never returns. But if we start managing time well then we can take our time back. We must keep in mind that everything we do is not important and we must track our time and evaluate where our time goes. Time is a gift so decide today to spend your time on most important things and take back your time and life.

Posted in my old blog on Monday, October 6th, 2008

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