I need a break!


It has been more than two weeks that I haven’t added any new post in my blog coz I am feeling too lazy these days. In other word, I must say that I haven’t found any fruitful result in my recent work so I feel that I am just wasting my valuable time. I used to go for photography atleast once a week before but now I can’t manage even a single hour for my photography. I love nature and its beauty as everyone do. I think that nature photography is a best way to be close with nature around us so that I want to  continue my photography again. I have a lot of works to complete but I don’t know how to manage all these. I may need a break for some days so that I can return back to work with refreshed mind and intellection. Now I can’t do anything except viewing these previously taken photos. Well, I am eagerly waiting for that day.





Posted in my old blog on Sunday, October 19th, 2008

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