I am no accident, He planned me…


Yah, I am happy to write this post after about two months. No any posts for month August, lazy me! :) Well, I guess most of people have difficult time viewing their life in a positive light. I also have same experience. Life is rolling on with different situations that make us happy and sometime it rolls through a very painful moment. Many people may think that their parents didn’t plan them or they are in this planet due to some mistakes. But now I can say that I am not here in this planet due to any accident. I have realized that I may have been a surprise to other but I am not a surprise to Him. He who created everything created me for His very special plan. Wow! He already knew me before I was conceived in my mother’s womb. He called me to be His child with a very special purpose.

He can make me feel that He cares and loves me. He makes me feel that I am unique and I am so special for Him. Every morning I wake up and before the noise of my daily life starts, I can hear Him and yeah I can feel that He too listens me. There are many times in my life that I haven’t followed His path, obeyed His commands. This is because I didn’t know what His plan was for me. Now I can hear Him and I can know what His will is for every area of my life. He guided me through every steps of my life. I was busy and walking in my own way but He was there for me to guide gently to the right path because He chose me before the creation of this world. I want to conclude saying that I am no accident and He planned me. Ephesians 1:4 says, “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” So He chose not only me but He chose all of us for His very special plan and purpose. That’s why we must seek His plan for us and ask His guidance to live our life according to His will.

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  1. Posted by Lila Ram Sapkota, at Reply

    Yeah!! Everyone is planned. We plan for ourselves time and again and try to refrain from his holy plan. That's why we are in grieves. We forget that we are just like a dry leaves and he is like a powerful wind…. We get our height due to his strength and we get our directions from his….. I will just not make any plans to follow his plans… cozzz he is the planner and director of mine…I have no resistance to move to the way that he has paved for me….Thanks for that almighty, who has cared me to this extent… who has pre-planned everything for me and has given strength, opportunities, knowledge, etc etc… to lead myself in the path of peace, enlightenment, respect, love, care, share ………………………………which he paved already for me……………..Thanks prashanta ji for this beautiful inshits……… Love an eternal love to you…..for this effort….

  2. Posted by Reena Poudyal, at Reply

    What a blessed note..God bless u and reveal more deeper and greater things in the coming days ..Jer 33:3