13th December – It’s my day!


One can never forget birthdays that are special. Usually every birthdays are special and unique… Unique, in terms of a year increment you get and new friends you find to celebrate each birthday. And there may be many other reasons that make each birthday unique. ;) Well this post will be my birthday thank you note and I guess this is my first post for this month. Hmm… Christmas is near and I miss caroling this year. But yeah we will have mini caroling this year and I am sure we will have a lot of fun this December too. I am very excited to celebrate combine Christmas service of our Church and waiting for that day. Well let me come to the point… heheh.

At first I am so much thankful to my Creator who created me to be here in this planet to be a son, a brother and a friend. I am thankful to my mom and dad. I am here because of you. You taught me right from wrong and always nurtured my every needs. Thank you for your love and all the support you did for me through all my childhood days. No matter how old I am, I will always be your child. I am really blessed with my mom, dad and my brother. I love you all.

Thank you all my friends for being with me, for encouraging me to move forward, for being my best companion, for lending me your helping hands. Hmm… I have a lot of reasons to thank you all. I am thankful to have wonderful friends, brothers and sisters in my life. Well thanks to you all who wished for my best in my day. Thank you for reminding me that I am blessed and I am loved always. Thanks a lot for your unexpected surprise and for always being there to make me remember that I am special. I love you all and you all are special for me.

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  1. Posted by Nisha Shrestha Karki, at Reply

    Great words. Happy Birthday..

  2. Posted by Susan Rai Mukhia, at Reply

    Bhai, Belated Happy Birthday…..many many happy returns of the day…

  3. Posted by Prem Sunuwar, at Reply

    happy birht dat happy birth day happy birth DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  4. Posted by Maharjan Sabi, at Reply

    Happy Birthday Prashanta thilai baye pani

  5. Posted by Tapa Dipti Sitaula, at Reply

    Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday Dear PrashantaHappy Birthday to YouHappy Treat Day to UsHappy Treat Day to UsHappy Treat Day to ICT TeamHappy Treat Day to Us

  6. Posted by Prashanta Shrestha, at Reply

    he he thank u all… :)

  7. Posted by Santona सान्तोना Neupane, at Reply

    happy belated Birthday… wishing u a great year ahead…. GBU

  8. Posted by Kabina Shrestha, at Reply

    Happy b'lated b'day…..may GOD bless u abundantly…..

  9. Posted by Muna Rai, at Reply

    Happy belated BIRTHDAY Prashanta.I am extremely SORRY for not wishing you earlier.I know for sure you will have a more wonderful days to come and enjoy every bit of it. You are a very good fren, a good brother, a good son and of course a good person, so i am sure always nice things will happen to you, and always pray for you. And thank LORD for bringing you as a fren to my life.Well, your expression through writing is really beautiful as your heart. Do keep writing more. LORD be with you forever. Cheers Muna

  10. Posted by Jeewan Rai, at Reply

    Dearest Prashanata chote…ei who said anything about love…I didn't say that I love you…I said (listen carefully) I love you with the Love of Christ…hehehee…you know you have tagged a guy as well and that would be ME!!! and How can I say that…hehehe…hahahaha…But I LOVE YOU…Rememba yest i said "na na thari" about your this specific post…but now as I was skiiming through, this is different and is a good one…You know something while I was growing up i used to say this when someone asked me what do you want to be?"a good son, caring brother, loving father, wonderful friend, romantic hubby and devoted believer of Christ.."I think you need to have those last four as well in your list, do as i say or you will and you willl and you will bear the consequences…And don't forgive Muna for her belated act…Thanks and God Bless…Sorry wanted to make you smile serious facebook gu-f-f-a–d-d-di…Jeewan

  11. Posted by Bijaya Shrestha, at Reply

    Belated Happy Birthday Prashanta.

  12. Posted by Tapa Dipti Sitaula, at Reply

    ka thank u bhanera pugchha ta, tyo ta 'Happy Birthday' ko matra reply bhayo ni, aba 'Happy Treat Dat' ko pani reply chahiyo ni

  13. Posted by Deborah Gurung, at Reply

    wow so nice note…yes u r unique n special fren…n LORD has stored u best of the best blessings in ur life..jus stay happy…our prayers n support alwys wid u….frenforever…

  14. Posted by Nupam Poudyal, at Reply

    Nice words and God bless you

  15. Posted by Lydia Tamang, at Reply

    i really appreciate ur saying,,,, may god always bless u n ur entire family,,, be really connected son of lord in ur everysteps of ur life no matter what the situation is,,,,,,,,bujyou,,, god blessssssss u alwaysssssssssss

  16. Posted by Kakshapati Beenu, at Reply

    we luv u 2 da………..n sooo lucky 2 hav a bro like u!!! take care…..miss ya!!!!