I know my Hero who holds my future


December 14, 2009 – this was the date when I last posted something in my blog. Four full months! Hmm… so I think I was lost somewhere or may be I was doing some big thing. Hehe… but actually neither I was lost nor I did something new and big. :P Well but I must admit that some changes came there in my life. Some kind of busy schedule, time with friends, responsibility in work places, time for family, Church, Bible study group, prayer team and many more. Among all of the above, most important for me was to spend time with my Heavenly Father. Yeah, too many things are there to think about in my life, actually in everyone’s life. :)

Some questions arise in my mind regarding my future. What the future holds and what will happen next in my life? Why am I here and what’s the meaning of my life? Is this the right place to be or should I be here or somewhere else in this planet? Aahh… still so many questions… :) Let’s dump these questions and let me write something I can feel these days.

Well I don’t know exactly what my future holds but I am very much clear and sure that I know who holds my future. Hmm… now I think God intentionally makes us clueless about our future so that we can trust Him. ;) Yeah, all He wants from us is to trust Him and rely on His plan. He has best package of wonderful plans for each of us.  I am so much thankful for His special and perfect plan for me which I can’t see now. That must be a great surprise for me from my Heavenly Father as I Corinthians 2:9 says, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” I like this verse, He loves me and I love Him too. When we obey Him, He will give us more than we deserve, more than we think and definitely more than we ask. We can’t even think the good plans He has for our future. He has promised to be always with me. I love Him and trust Him… and I am so much thankful for everything that He has given me. \o/

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