My Recent Update : Saturday, June 05, 2010 12:14 AM


I miss so many things these days. :) I miss going photography with Ashish sir and my friend Vishow. I miss my time at KTH. I miss playing different games there at KTH. I miss those funny moments spent with funny friends and brothers of KTH. I miss NEC and all friends and teachers of NEC. I miss all the assignments and project works there at NEC. Hehhe… Humm… I miss going movies with friends. I miss going swimming with again KTH friends. I miss everyday devotion there at KTH. I miss hanging out and having fun all the time with all my buddies. Aah… so many things I do miss a lot. But I am not going to cover this post with the lists I miss. There are so many. :) Yeah, I miss choir practice of my Church. I miss my old team of sound control unit of my Church. There are still some things, some moments that I miss so much. I miss all my friends those who took me as I was. Well let me now write my current update as my title of this post says.

Hmm… I am little more busy these days with my regular office works and classes and some other stuffs. I always wait Saturday and Sunday to come but these two days are always pre-occupied for me. :( Church service, hanging out with friends, time with children at children home, UNO time, prayer time, tea time at uncle’s shop, etc. are my usual activities. And I enjoy every moment I am spending. Besides these activities, there are some web projects which are keeping me more busy. Currently I am working randomly on three websites –, new design of and Most of the tasks in Online Patrika is almost finished. I am still working on, official website of ‘Association of International NGOs in Nepal’. They want some new features and new face for this website. Old version was also done by me. Website of ‘Nepali National Languages Preservation Institute’, is almost done. I have recently changed theme of my personal website which I guess you already have noticed. ;) Well, still I have to do some websites of my friends… Hope you guys will wait until I finish my some important stuffs. Well, this post is going longer…. Haha… I just wanted you to update myself. Anyways I will be posting more stuffs later. And one thing to say before signing out, I don’t have time to listen music these days but have plenty of time to use FB… yeah Facebook. Heheh… :P

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  1. Posted by Jeewan Messi Argentina, at Reply

    so ur growing up! @@@iman! Good, we miss u, too!

  2. Posted by Jeewan Khaling Rai, at Reply

    so ur growing up! @@@iman! Good, we miss u, too!

  3. Posted by Subin Shrestha, at Reply

    Master 'Miss' Of Mr. Prashanta..Don't Worry Many Many Super Days Are Near To Move U More Masti & More Musical & More Mazza…See Days Are Near…!