Ramailo hola, ghamailo hola…


Here is our first try recorded at NIM, Gyaneshwor. Song is ‘Ramailo hola, ghamailo hola, Yeshu raajako swargiya rajya…’ and vocal by Arpan bro. You can listen it online or download to listen it in your computer. Please send us your feedback using comment form below.

Song: Ramailo hola, ghamailo hola
Vocal: Arpan Tamang
Lead Guitar/Keyboard: David Maharjan
Bass/Rhythm Guitar: Sanjeev Lama
Drum/Madal: Darsan Tamang
Recording and Mixing: Prashanta Shrestha

Click here to download MP3 of this song. :) I will post lyrics very soon.

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  1. Posted by Tanka Subedi, at Reply

    Very nice recording., Sounds professional.
    praise God

  2. Posted by Raju Pradhan, at Reply

    nice song.

  3. Posted by Arun Upreti, at Reply

    jmc brother very good idea friend may god bless you

  4. Posted by Manav, at Reply

    Geet ko original composer ko ho? so janna paye information complete hunthyo ki?

  5. Posted by Arpan Tamang, at Reply

    Yo geet ko original lyricst n composer aadarniya Sangitkar,geetkar,sahityakar Shree LOKNATH MANEN jyu n Re-arrange chahi Arpan Tamang

  6. Posted by Prithvi Chaudhary, at Reply

    Nice keep it up……….