Is this life?


This post was written about 6 months before. I am feeling same again so re-posted it in my new personal blog.

I know life just keeps going in its normal way. I was really enjoying the work that I am doing here at Nepal. But I am not able to concentrate in my works these days. Sharing some of my personal feelings – getting bored with my own life. I am feeling like I can’t do anything. I never experienced anything like this before. Always thinking about someone. Yes, I have planned to do lot of things in my own country. But the situation in this country is expelling everyone to try for abroad. I was neither thinking nor interested to go abroad. I may be wrong coz I am pointing the situation of country. I can’t say it’s 100% true but I think that this point is somewhat responsible to make people leave country. But in my own case this point can’t be applied.

Situation may come when someone must think about going abroad. I don’t know why I was not interested to go abroad before. But these days, my mind is not in right place. Now, I think that I must try for abroad. But I can’t go further coz there are so much works and some commitments to finish. I am not able to suggest my mind to do this or that. So I am not concentrating on my works and feeling bored with life. Some of my friends say me that I ask so much questions. My another question- Is this life?

Posted in on September 9th, 2008

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