Know yourself to achieve your goal


As I am growing older, I find myself learning many new things each day. And this is a rule of nature. You may find very easy to learn things around you but it’s hard to know yourself. If one of your intimate friend has some comments for you or for your doings then try to imagine your response. I don’t think you will easily accept that comment or suggestion. It is because of this that you may not have known yourself very well. I think people around you can know you better than you do. Give time to know yourself better so that you can analyze the comments you get.

We know that life is a finite thing and one day it is going to end. In short I want to say that life is precious and we won’t get this opportunity again. To make this life beautiful, you should know yourself. We may have different ambitions and aspirations in our life. We may be successful to reach our destinations but some of us may fail. There may be various reasons for our failures. I think one of the positive reasons for successes is understanding yourself. It is better to know your strengths and weaknesses. Try to realize the importance of life you have and you can face every challenge with confidence. Remember, life is beautiful but many obstacles may come on the way to discourage you. So face it as a challenge and make your dreams come true. This will surely lead you to the success.

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    good article.

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    nice writing… keep it up.

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    Nice insight.